UK and Welsh Government guidance regarding the control of the spread of Covid 19 is changing regularly. You can rest assured that the staff at Under the Stars Bell Tent Hire will adhere to both government guidelines, and to the reasonable requests of our customers. If you have particular requests regarding Covid 19 safety, please don’t hesitate to speak to us directly.

Our current policy is:

  1. Under the Stars staff regularly self-test for Covid 19 infection using Lateral Flow Tests.
  2. Wash/sanitise hands on arrival at site, and regularly during the visit. We will use our own sanitisers/hand towels to avoid any use of customers’ personal items. Clean clothes will be worn to appointments.
  3. We will wear masks if in close proximity to customers outdoors, and at all times if indoors.
  4. All equipment will be isolated for 3 days between use by different customers.
  5. If Under the Stars personnel or customers have possible Covid symptoms appointments must be cancelled and rearranged.

Last updated 8th July 2021